Nyungwe National park

Nyungwe National park

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Nyungwe national park is a natural forest located in the southwest of Rwanda and on the southern edge of lake Kivu.

This forest is contiguous to the Kibira national park of Burundi and it is probably the Africa’s biggest montane rainforest. It was on 924 Km2 in 2000.

This forest is in mountains of 1600 m and 2950m and it has natural species; plants and animals and especially, birds and chimpanzees. The Nyungwe natural forest is one of Rwanda’s water tanks: it gives out almost 60% of country’s water, and also, the source of Nile is found in this forest

According to the RDG, Nyungwe park covers the area of approximately 1000km2 in the spectacularly beautiful mountains of the south of Rwanda. Nyungwe park is the largest montane forest in east and central Africa and it was the first to be established as it was established during the period called “ice age”.

At the entry of Nyungwe park

It is an area of diverse species of animals and plants. The forest is made of more than 200 trees ‘species, diversity of flowers and a lobelia as well as many others. 

The number of Rwandans who visit Nyungwe park is increasing and this is due to Nyungwe canopy walkway which helps in exploring the whole forest.

This is what announced the manager of Nyungwe park who asked the media to be the first visiting this park in order to discover its beauty so that they can expose what they know.

RDG says that this forest accommodates beautiful birds of Rwanda. Nyungwe has approximately 300 birds’ species and 24 of them are found in great Albertine Rift.

Ones of Nyungwe’s superb birds are: a very big blue bird named Turaco, blue, red and green splendid birds, chirping from one tree to another. For instance, the birds that look like ducks

Once you look closely at Nyungwe park; you notice 13 groups of chimpanzees that live peacefully all around this park.

Some of these species can be visited by tourists, others cannot.

These chimpanzees attract a lot of tourists because some of their species cannot be found anywhere else in Africa.

We found this list in the house of knowledge archives of Nyungwe park

Here are some of chimpanzees found in Nyungwe: cercopithecus lhoesti, Colobus angolensis Rwenzori, Cercopithecus mitis doggeti and kandti, pan troglodytes schweinfurtii.

Here are other chimpanzees in this park such as: Cercopithecus Ascanius schmidti, Cercopithecus aethiops, Cercopithecus albigena johnostonii, Galago from the east, big and small galago as well as baboon.

Nyungwe keeps being awesome because of its chimpanzees. They are of 13 species and ones of them named orangutans and Cercopithecus lhoesti look much like people, together with hundreds of splendid colobus angolensis Rwenzori.

Apart from Nyungwe national park, Akagera national park has elephants brought in it in 1975 from Bugesera when they were still young. Among them we can say Mutware, Helico and Mwiza that got habituated while others stayed wild animals. We will talk about them in our following article.

At the entry of Nyungwe, you are welcomed by fresh air accompanied by beautiful melodies of birds and pleasant odors of flowers in this park, and when you turn around you face those beautiful animals and it makes you feel like watching more.

There are 1250 plant species in Nyungwe. Forest, 50 Talenna Rwandensis and 133 orchid species as well as 24 natural flower species.

We would like to tell you that the canopy walkway is constructed on 50m from the ground and it is 150m long.

It was the first to arrive in east Africa, and the third in Africa after Ghana and South Africa. This canopy walkway helps visitors to view the park from above it and enjoy Nyungwe’s birds and chimpanzee watching,




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