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About Nyanza

Nyanza is the administrative capital of the southern province and the eighth largest city in Rwanda and it is divided into 10 sectors.

It covers a total area of 672km². The district lies between Muhanga district and Huye, straddling the main Kigali to Bujumbura road. From Kigali to Nyanza the journey takes 2hours and 30 minutes on a bus drive and along to the journey.

The main attraction of Nyanza region is the cultural heritage.

King’s palace and museum

The King’s palace is the best place to enjoy and learn the history of Rwanda, it is located in Rukari-Nyanza in Nyabisindu, it was the first permanent traditional seat if the king when colonialists came in Rwanda before the king didn’t have a permanent place to stay, he would move place to place in assurance if the security of his kingdom and the well being of his citizens.

The ancient palace was constructed in Rukari where visitors explore the replica King’s palace, built using traditional materials and methods, it is a beautifully crafted hut inform of a beehive. This is where you learn about Rwandan society through history, the King’s lifestyle, and Rwanda’s history before and after colonialists and before the genocide that took place in Rwanda against the Tutsi.

At the back of the palace lives long-horned Inyambo cattle where King’s herds keep them carefully, sing to them and keep them in a unique tradition.

They were derived from the Ankole breed which played an important role during ceremonies in honor of the king.

National art gallery.

The national art gallery is located in Nyanza-rwesero 85km from Kigali, the building was constructed in 1957 and completed in 1959 as the palace for king Mutara III Rudahigwa but he passed away before occupying it.

Later in may 2006, the building was transferred into a national art gallery until may 2018 when a new museum was opened in the former state house located in kanombe.

For now the museum still open to the public with exhibition photos and history of Africa.

Hill of remera

Enjoying a fun- filled hike in Nyanza is possible from the center of Nyanza town along a paved road. To the hiking path on remera hill, it is a short and pleasant hill.

At the top if the hill, it gives a 360 degrees view of Nyanza district. There is a visit to mwima mausoleum, ethnographic museum, churches around among others.

Accommodation in Nyanza

Accommodation in Nyanza is very simple since the city has various hotels and lodges in and around the city which include; Nyanza heritage hotels, Eden palace, Dayeru hotel, Nena house, Inyambo  motel among others.


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