Lake Muhazi

Lake Muhazi

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Lake Muhazi is a long thin shallow lake with fresh water in the east of Rwanda .it is also known as a flooded valley lake, it is found in the eastern border between the northern and Kigali province and it’s among Rwanda’s scenic treasures.

It goes up to with a length of,Muhazi is also 60sq km long with its width of 5 km covering 5 provinces of the country including Kigali province, Eastern province, northern province, Rwamagana district ,Kayonza and Gatsibo district in the north.

It has a concrete dam at its west end which was constructed in 1999 in replace of the earth dam which existed in the past. Lake Kivu empties its water into Nyabugogo river that flows in the south direction of Kigali city where it meets with Nyabugogo.

How to reach Lake Muhazi

Lake Muhazi is located in the eastern side of Rwanda which is just a 45 min drive from Kigali city. It’s very easy to access the lake in these three routes including Kigali, Gatuna road that passes in the western side of Lake kyonza the road runs to the south of lake muhazi. And lastly Kagitumba road which runs to the lake side at about 3.8 km.

Things to do in Lake Muhazi

Muhazi lake shore at Gahini is very popular with two resorts ;the seeds of peace center is a 3 star hotel with a good accommodation choice in Kayonza. It helps travelers to have a good view of the lake and its shores and the perfect place to take pictures.

Jambo beach is also another finest resort and a beautiful place for a cold drink ,rating to become a 5 star hotel with a dish of fresh fish and other local cuisines. It is a very colorful and joyful restaurant with indoors and outdoor seating.

Lake muhazi offers a perfect option for activities which include boating, fishing, bird watching and a fist to the Kandt house national history museum. You want to have a view of fresh water, sunbathe and all the activities mentioned above we are here to get you there.


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