King’s palace – Nyanza

King’s palace – Nyanza

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The King’s palace is the best place to enjoy and learn the history of Rwanda, it is located in Rukari-Nyanza in Nyabisindu, it was the first permanent traditional seat if the king when colonialists came in Rwanda before the king didn’t have a permanent place to stay, he would move place to place in assurance if the security of his kingdom and the well being of his citizens.

The ancient palace was constructed in Rukari where visitors explore the replica King’s palace, built using traditional materials and methods, it is a beautifully crafted hut inform of a beehive. This is where you learn about Rwandan society through history, the King’s lifestyle, and Rwanda’s history before and after colonialists and before the genocide that took place in Rwanda against the Tutsi.

At the back of the palace lives long-horned Inyambo cattle where King’s herds keep them carefully, sing to them and keep them in a unique tradition.

They were derived from the Ankole breed which played an important role during ceremonies in honor of the king.


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