Gisenyi – Lake Kivu

Gisenyi – Lake Kivu

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About Lake Kivu

In the western side of Rwanda that’s where lake Kivu is found. This is one of the African great lakes and it’s the sixth largest lake in Africa with fresh water. It lies between the Democratic rep u pic of Congo and Rwanda, and it is an Albertine rift valley located in the western branch of the East African rift.

It is Rwanda’s largest water body and covers an area of with a depth of 480m probably 1575ft underground with a water volume of and empties into the Ruzizi river which flows southwards into lake Tanganyika.

How to reach lake Kivu

It is along journey but the most funniest with new discoveries and the joy of driving between towns those are Nyungwe forest national park and volcanoes national park.

There is no direct way to reach lake Kivu from Kigali city but we always have alternatives; our experienced tour guides team and drivers ensure your safety and traveling to the lake

Activities at lake Kivu

There are various activities done on lake Kivu and around its shores since it covers half of Rwanda’s western border and these include:


This is a very common activity which is carried on this lake. This is because the lake is very safe with no crocodiles ,hippos and its temperature makes it a perfect place for swimming.

Water sports

These include water skiing, wind surfing and enjoying a motor boat on the lake where pictures

are taken and feel the fresh water with breezes and the cool air full of refreshment.


Lake Kivu has beautiful sandy beaches surrounded by mountains that makes it an outstanding sight for relaxing which include a beautiful beach of lake Kivu Serena hotel.

Hiking and biking

Hiking and biking along side the shores of lake Kivu is enjoyed by many travellers and holiday makers. Hikes and nature walks are done half day.

Coffee plantations tours

Rwanda has various coffee plantations that are enjoyed by tourists. Where you are able to learn the whole process of coffee making starting from the first step until the product is finished.

Visit to the orphanage

Imbabazi orphanage is found in mutura. It was found by Rosamond Carr after the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda on the Rosamond’s flower plantation in the foot hills of Virunga volcanoes.

It is a home of hope where children receive all the love and care a mother would give since it opened in December of 1994.

She later died on 29th ,september 2006 and in order to preserve Rosamond’s legacy for future generations.

The land and assets to generate economic opportunities for the community and support Imbabazi family. Hence the large scale agricultural operations and special events.


Fishing is also carried out on lake Kivu but it is mostly carried out commercially. There is a

traditional night fishing at lake Kivu which is a life time experience

No one would ever describe the wonders of the lake, Kivu is a single visit gives you treasury memories.


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